Our Executive Team

Eric Smith, Chief Executive Officer


  • Eric has trained personnel at hundreds of home delivery warehouses of all sizes throughout the U.S. and has witnessed first-hand the struggles caused by lack of organization. This experience led him to use his decades of application development experience to solve a massive problem not just for one or two companies, but for the entire shipping industry, and not just for the shipping industry, but for any that rely on keeping track of items.
  • As the company evangelist, and lead developer, it's Eric's job to keep his eyes and ears open for all opportunities, to advance, to grow, and to improve.

Christi Smith, Chief Operating Officer


  • Christi has supervised a national call center that worked directly with the hundreds of transportation providers and home delivery warehouses Eric has trained, and she's been the conduit between the shipping customers, some of the largest e-commerce and shipping companies in the World, the delivery service providers, and the end consumers. She was responsible for overseeing scheduling, communications, and resolution of a plethora of issues on a daily basis. Throughout her career, Christi has managed large-scale sales and customer service departments for successful businesses.
  • Christi leads our sales and customer service teams and is responsible for making sure we function smoothly and provide first-class service.

Ann Batulan, Chief Information Specialist


  • Ann is a licensed librarian and special education teacher, so when we say we can turn any facility into a library, we're serious.
  • Ann guides the methodology of our platform and leads our education team.