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About Pricing

Every new account receives the first month free from subscription fees as an initial setup period.
The best way to understand the power of A to B Logic is to experience it first-hand. Click the link below to request a demonstration.

  • We understand that no one's needs are the same when it comes to learning management, so we offer monthly subscription pricing that scales to fit your needs.
  • We also believe it is only fair to pay for what is used, so you'll only be charged for user accounts that have activity during a month.

Prices listed are U.S. Dollars.

Fixed Monthly Fees (Required)

ED = Primary/Secondary Education Institution, PRO = Post-Secondary Institution or Business

$59 ED / $79 PRO

  • Account Service Fee
    • Flat fee for use of A to B Logic.
  • Administrator User Account
    • Full administration access, all functions.

Scalable Monthly Fees (Optional)

$35 ED / $45 PRO

  • Educator User Account
    • Full administration access, all functions.
    • Only charged if active.

$0 + Royalties ED / $35 PRO

  • Content Provider User Account
    • Limited to creating and editing content.
    • Only charged if active.
    • For ED, must be set up by an A to B Logic administrator.

$5 ED / $15 PRO

  • Learner II User Account
    • All end-user functions, no content creation or administrative access.
    • Only charged if active.

$1 ED / $5 PRO

  • Learner I Account
    • Participate in Assessments / Challenges / Surveys, view Content.
    • Only charged if active.

Extended Service Fees

We're here for you. Our training and development specialists have designed, created, and delivered training programs and guidance materials for a wide variety of entities and government agencies. We'd be happy to consult on your project, just contact our Customer Support Team to discuss your needs.


  • Content Development
    • Creation of Content.
    • Editorial Services.


  • Training Services
    • Live In-Person Training.
    • Virtual Training.








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