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Pricing Information

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Our pricing model is based on a monthly fee and scales to fit your size and specific needs.

Billed the first day of each service month, due before the first day of the next service month.

  • Facilities: $79.95 (per month, per Facility registered)
    • Facility Locations: + $0.10 (per month, per Location added within a Facility)
      • The first 100 Locations within a Facility are free.
    • Mobile Assets: + $4.95 (per month, per Mobile Asset [i.e. vehicle] registered)
      • The first 10 Mobile Assets attached to a Facility are free.
  • MASTRAKODE™: + $0.25 (one-time fee per TTC generated)
    • The first 10,000 are free.

*Prices are subject to change at any time with prior notice. If usage exceeds expected norms, your account will be put on hold until you contact us to resolve the issue.


  • If you've got a question or are experiencing an issue, we will strive to answer or address it as quickly as possible.
  • If you require more complex or technical assistance, there may be a service fee involved.