Get organized, and never lose track of an item.SM

We believe life is better when things are organized and easy to find.
Our company revolves around this simple philosophy, that every thing has its place, and that things should be easy to find when they are needed. We are passionate about organization and look at the spaces where things are kept as potential libraries. Our drive is fueled every time someone hears about what we have created and quickly thinks of how it can help them, often in a way we didn't imagine.


One of the most costly and aggravating problems for anyone who handles items is losing track of them. We saw that this problem was rampant throughout retail logistics, creating an enormous amount of time wasted searching warehouses, causing extreme customer frustration, and frequently resulting in expensive claims, so we created the A to B Logic platform.

We have a vision. If shippers use A to B Logic to generate a single standardized unique master track & trace code for each item, and all companies handling them use A to B Logic to organize their facilities and scan that code, the number of dock searches and lost items will decrease dramatically.

  • When our MASTRAKODE™ is generated and applied to an item it enables constant and consistent tracking and tracing from the first to the last mile.
  • If all companies who handle an item simply scan its MASTRAKODE™, the shipper can maintain constant visibility across all carriers and handlers involved.
  • When companies use A to B Logic to organize their facilities, whenever an item is ready to be moved or go out for delivery, they'll be able to quickly find exaclty where it was placed, making dock searches and lost freight a thing of the past.


Of course, organization and item tracking is key for many industries, including service trades like plumbing, heating, electrical, a/c, etc., where being able to quickly search the vehicle inventory on-site, and tracking which parts are used for each job, is extremely valuable.

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About A to B Logic

A to B Logic is a platform for organizing warehouses of every size, and for tracking and tracing items anytime, anywhere, across all areas, locations, vehicles, and handlers.

It's simple and easy, here's how it works:


  • This is where it all starts, the most important part.
  • An Item can be anything you want to keep track of, where it is and whose got it. Items could be pieces of freight, parts, tools, products, books, etc.
  • MASTRAKODE™: The Master Track & Trace Code (TTC) is the key to everything - it is our proprietary unique code, used to identify, track, and trace an individual Item, a single packaged Item, a carton with one or more Items within it, a bin where groups of Items are kept together, etc. No matter where the Item goes or who handles it, there will be just one tracking code. If the TTC is used for a carton or bin, you can keep track not only of the carton but of the quantity of that item within it.
    • The purpose of the MASTRAKODE™ is to provide an identifier that is unique, in order to alleviate scanning issues, especially when items are handled by multiple parties.
    • Consider this. If multiple entities are using barcode generating systems and various printers to produce barcodes for simple sequential numbers that identify items, one glitch that produces a flawed barcode could be devastating and costly, and you likely would not realize what happened until the damage is significant. We've seen it happen, and it isn't pretty.
    • TTCs can be printed as a simple barcode label, a detailed barcode label, or on an inventory sheet.
    • TTCs may also be printed directly onto packaging.
  • Inventory Monitoring: You can view the complete inventory of each Item at every Facility, even down to where they're located within the Facility, and within every Moving Asset. You can also search for specific items that are within any location, such as a service vehicle.


  • Getting the spaces and places where you place items organized is key to keeping track of them.
  • Facilities: Add your physical location(s) to track when items come in the door.
  • Facility Organization: Our innovative yet simple system allows you to organize spaces of any size to manage and track item movements within each facility.
    • Hint: If you already use a simple location system, where you have names or identifiers for the places Items are kept, you can easily integrate that into A to B Logic.
  • Mobile Assets: Add the assets you use to move items from Point A to Point B, whether you own them or not. These can be vehicles, such as a semi-tractor trailer or a delivery vehicle, they can also be shipping containers, etc.

A to B Track

  • Scanning consistency is critial for tracking and tracing items.
  • We provide a single app that can be used just for tracking and tracing items throughout their journey, or wherever they may be kept, even across a variety of entities.
  • The app includes a search function that shows what location a specific item is at, or finds matching items within a specific location.
  • Got your own scanning app? No problem, we have a simple protocol for submitting online or offline scan data to the A to B Logic Platform.

Tub Track

  • Businesses aren't the only ones who can benefit from getting organized, which is why we created a personal use version of A to B Logic.
  • From closets, to garages, to storage units, we help people get organized, so they never lose track of their stuff.
  • When it comes time to move, Tub Track ensures people can keep track of their things during transit and makes unpacking a breeze. A to B Logic users who provide moving services can greatly increase their customers' value by introducing them to Tub Track and the Track'It Packet.

Ways to Use A to B Logic

The Basics

  1. Set up a Facility.
  2. Organize the Facility, create a unique code for each location where Items are kept (shelves, racks, drawers, etc.), then print a label and place it on the location.
  3. If you move Items outside the Facility, you can set each one (Mobile Asset) up, which will create a unique code for it that you can print and stick somewhere on it.
  4. Add each Item (or container for Items) and assign it to a MASTRAKODE™ (TTC).
  5. Print a TTC label for each Item (or container) and stick the label to it.
    • The quantity of a certain Item that is within a container can be updated using the A to B Logic Platform or by performing a tracking scan of the location and TTC with the A to B Logic Scanning App.
    • When you use the A to B Logic Scanning App to search for an Item, you can update the quantity from the search results if necessary.
  • Whenever you place an Item somewhere, use the A to B Logic Scanning App to make a tracking scan of the location and any TTCs for Items that are placed there.
  • Use the A to B Logic Scanning App, or the A to B Logic PLatform, to track or search for Items.
  • View your location inventories using the A to B Logic Platform.

In every scenario, it is ideal to use A to B Logic to organize all facilities, the locations within them where items are kept, and any mobile assets used to transport items.

Track & Trace Home Delivery Orders

  1. The Shipping Customer creates an Item, generates a new TTC, and enters the Order Number as Other ID for Items grouped in the same order.
    • The Shipping Customer prints the TTC label and applies it to the Item.
  2. The TTCs are entered into their Order Management System as the unique identifier for each Item.
    • Their Order Management System handles all of the order data.
  3. A to B Logic provides the continuous tracking.
    • Each carrier scans every TTC using the A to B Logic Scan App when they take possession of each Item.
    • Ideally, the carriers use A to B Logic to organize their operations, so they only have to scan the TTC once, but they could also integrate A to B Logic into their tracking system, which would achieve a similar result but without the benefits of using A to B Logic themselves.
      • Carriers who do not use A to B Logic scan every TTC with whichever tracking system they use, and the TTC serves as the constant reference point back to the Shipping Customer.
  4. Delivery Routing and Scheduling is not handled by A to B Logic, however it should still be used to maintain constant track and trace capability by registering the delivery vehicles as Mobile Assets and scanning Items onto them.

Chain of Custody

  1. In the A to B Logic Platform, under Admin, the account manager:
    • Can set up Departments to keep track of where Items were sent internally if desired.
    • Sets up Scanning App User accounts for each person who will take possession of Items (assigned to their Department if desired).
  2. In accordance with the company's procedures, every person who takes possession of an Item scans it using the A to B Logic Scanning App.
  • The account manager can view tracking and inventories using the A to B Logic Platform.
  • Scanning App Users can Track or Search for Items using the A to B Logic Scanning App.

Manage Service Vehicle Inventory

  1. Each service vehicle is set up as a Mobile Asset.
  2. Each container within the service vehicle's work area where parts are kept gets labeled with a TTC.
  3. The inventory manager assigns the Items which are kept in each container to its TTC.
  4. Any time Items are added to or removed from the service vehicle, the quantity of that Item in the container gets updated.
    • The quantity of a certain Item that is within a container can be updated using the A to B Logic Platform or by performing a tracking scan of the location and TTC with the A to B Logic Scanning App.
    • The service technician can use the A to B Logic Scanning App to search for an Item to see how many they have on board their vehicle - they can update the quantity from the search results if they take any Items out for the job.
  • The inventory manager can view their inventories using the A to B Logic Platform.