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About A to B Logic


The AI Project

A to B Logic + AI = Future of Learning

We are in the midst of one of those times in history when technology offers us the opportunity to leap forward, improving our lives and the way we do things.

Our company is currently working on a grounbreaking project to explore the integration of AI into A to B Logic to create applications that will:

  1. dramatically improve, and broaden access to, learning, and
  2. make teachers' jobs significantly less cumbersome by alleviating extraneous work, giving them more time to focus on student success while at work, and more free time after work to enjoy life.

We're currently in the Research & Development Phase. If you would like to join us on this epic journey, you are welcome to contact us and/or click the Join Us button and sign up.


What's new? Gamification!

Gamification is a highly effective tool for engaging learners, and it brings other benefits as well.

The A to B Logic App provides a quick and easy way to assess and improve knowledge through Challenges and Content Assignments.

  • Boost learner morale.
  • Rewards provide incentive to participate.
  • The data provided can be utilized to determine progress over time toward specific benchmarks, goals, and learning objectives.

Increase sense of personal achievement.


What is the A to B Logic Learning Management Platform?


Topics (Lesson Plans) are the core of our Content.

  • The Sections (Lessons) that comprise a Topic can be an individual document or a complete publication, can include whatever materials the author desires: printable activities or worksheets, infographics, presentations, audio/video (individual or a series), etc., and can include Assessments (Tests, Challenges, Evaluations).
  • They can be grouped in progression into Courses, which can include a final test and evaluation.

Our content can be accessed with any Internet-connected device (PC, laptop, smart phone, tablet, etc.); no special device or software is required.

Special Features:

  • Collaboration:
    • credit people who contribute
    • designate a user as an editor, so they may recommend changes that you can apply to your Topic
    • get comments & suggestions or editorial assistance from other users
  • Social:
    • send Topic invitations/assignments to your users
  • Functional:
    • bookmark your favorite topic sections
    • create annotations for individual topic sections
    • each time you make changes to your own topics, backups are made in case you need to refer back to them



You can use Item Banks for challenging knowledge of various topics, and for gathering evaluation information.

There are three types of Assessment instruments to choose from, depending on the information to be gathered: Tests (normally comprised of questions that have correct responses), Challenges (comprised of multiple guess questions, each correct answer gains points for rewards), and Evaluations (comprised of questions related to personnel evaluation).

  • Item Banks are filled with questions which are organized by: subject, level and category, and learning objective.
  • Questions may be constructed in a variety of ways; they can even use images for the question and/or multiple-choice responses.
  • Questions are selected from Item Banks to compile Assessments.


Life is filled with a constant series of learning journeys, A to B Logic helps manage them.

A to B Logic enables tracking learning, retention, and progress over time:

  • Content Assignments document the knowledge that has been provided digitally.
  • Assessment Assignments document what has been learned, connected to objectives.
  • Evaluations create a continuous record of performance.


About A to B Logic

A to B Logic, LLC is a cloud-based software company that provides tools for enhancing the capabilities of educators, created by people who care deeply about learning and technology.

Our Team

The team behind A to B Logic is passionate about learning and technology.

  • We've got over 25 years of experience discovering ways to utilize groundbreaking technology and developing advanced Internet systems, with the last 18 of those years focused on learning and business services.
  • We've got educators who have developed content, instructional plans, and assessments for thousands of people globally.

Our Leaders

Eric Smith, Chief Executive Officer

  • Eric has trained educators, students, business leaders, and personnel at hundreds of businesses of all sizes throughout the world and understands the benefits of learning.
  • As the company evangelist, and lead developer, it's Eric's job to keep his eyes and ears open for all opportunities, to advance, to grow, and to improve.

Christi Smith, Chief Operating Officer

  • Throughout her career, Christi has managed large-scale sales and customer service departments for successful businesses.
  • Christi leads our sales and customer service teams and is responsible for making sure we function smoothly and provide first-class service.

Jo-Ann Batulan, Chief Information Specialist, Director of SPED

  • Ann is a licensed librarian and special education teacher, and she possesses global perspective and unique skills.
  • Ann guides the library methodology of our platform and leads our education team.
  • Ann's master's thesis proved that technology tools improve learning for SPED students, particularly those with ADHD. Her dedication in this field is applied to ensure that our services are useful and available to as many SPED learners as possible.

Our History & Culture

  • A to B Logic is the culmination of a lifelong pursuit to derive maximum societal value from the Internet which began in 1995 with one of the first, if not the first, independent magazines published exclusively online.
  • The journey expanded into the realm of formal education in 2004 starting with a project for NASA, continuing with development of an online learning management system for K-12, and ending in an online assessment system created for the country of Ghana to enable them to localize their standardized testing.
  • In 2006, advancements were made in support of a three-year National Science Foundation grant. Later that same year, the assessment side was customized to deliver an online technology assessment for K-12 schools throughout the U.S. which lasted for five years.
  • 2011 saw the evolution of the learning management system into a self-publishing tool.
  • In 2019 assignments and messaging were incorporated, providing a critical learning resource for all kinds of entities.
  • And now, in 2023, in the wake of the most trying time in modern history, A to B Logic continues to evolve to meet the critical engagement and progress monitoring needs of increasingly diverse entities with the addition of the A to B Logic App and "Challenges" and the upcoming incorporation of AI.
  • Our mission is to provide the best learning possible to everyone, everywhere.
  • The main objective is to continue being creative and growing while keeping things simple and easy for our users.

Security & Digital Rights

A to B Logic, LLC works diligently to ensure that our users' content is both provided and used within the constraints of Copyright Law and our Terms of Use, without utilizing unnecessarily restrictive technologies.

All that is required for accessing content on A to B Logic is an Internet-connected device with a standard web browsing application.

More Information

  • You can use A to B Logic to create and manage your content without using any special software.
  • You may include media (pictures, audio, video, documents, etc.) in your topics.
  • Open Source: A to B Logic provides the capability to create open source content that is dynamic and can be updated on the fly when knowledge changes.
  • Copyright: In the U.S. you automatically own the copyright to your work, but if you want the extra security you can register your work online with the U.S. Copyright Office for about $35.
  • We reserve the right to refuse our services at our own discretion.








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