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Learning Management Tools for Success

Do your people know everything you need them to?

Here's how the A to B Logic Learning Management Platform enables you to increase, improve and assess your people's vital knowledge and capabilities.

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What is the A to B Logic Learning Management Platform?

- Learning Materials, Manuals, Guides, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), etc.
- Add Media Files (video, audio, image, document, etc.).
- Control access.
- Track usage.
- Manage your entity Users.
- Collaborate with your entity Users.
- Assign to or Share with your entity Users.

- Organize your content your way.
- Create multiple libraries.

- Create custom Assessments, Challenges, and Surveys.
- Embed within Content.
- Download Results.

- Manage Meetings, Tasks, and Events.

Easy and Mobile-Friendly!


Learning is critical to organizational success.

Committing to creating a culture of learning is significant, but the return will quickly become apparent as employees, salespeople, managers, leaders, customers, partners, etc. become more knowledgeable in every aspect of their participation. I personally guarantee it.
Eric Smith, CEO

A to B Logic is a place for creating digital content: Learning Materials, Manuals, Guides, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), etc., and either sharing them internally or with anyone who may find them useful. Users have anytime anywhere access to all materials, right at their fingertips, on any device. It's also an incredibly powerful assessment system driven by Item Banks.


Topics are the core of our Content. They can be whatever the author desires: a single video or an entire series, simple or very complex multi-part SOPs, one lesson plan or an entire education package, an individual document or a complete publication.

Our content can be accessed with any Internet-connected device (PC, laptop, smart phone, tablet, etc.); no special device or software is required.

Special Features:

  • Collaboration:
    • credit people who contribute
    • designate a user as an editor, so they may recommend changes that you can apply to your Topic
    • get comments & suggestions or editorial assistance from other users
  • Social:
    • send Topic recommendations/invitations/assignments to your users
  • Functional:
    • bookmark your favorite topic sections
    • create annotations for individual topic sections
    • each time you make changes to your own topics, backups are made in case you need to refer back to them



You can use Item Banks for personnel training, for challenging people's knowledge of various topics, and for gathering survey information from employees, customers and their community.

There are three types of instruments to choose from, depending on the information to be gathered: Assessments (normally comprised of questions that have correct responses), Challenges (comprised of multiple guess questions, each correct answer gains points for rewards), and Surveys.

  • Administrators create Item Banks filled with simple survey questions or assessment questions which are organized by: subject, level and category, and learning objective.
  • Questions may be constructed in a variety of ways; they can even use images for the question and/or multiple choice responses.
  • Questions are selected from Item Banks to compile Assessments, Challenges and Surveys, which are administered online through A to B Logic.


The key to learning is determining what is known, then building on it.

The A to B Logic App provides a simple way to challenge and improve the knowledge of your teams.

  • Rewards give people incentive to participate.
  • Challenges also:
    • Increase sense of personal achievement.
    • Boost employee morale.
    • Enhance company culture.
  • The data provided can be utilized to determine progress over time.


Life is filled with a constant series of learning journeys, A to B Logic helps manage them.

A to B Logic enables tracking learning, retention, and progress over time:

  • Content Assigments and Training Meeting Participation document the knowledge that has been provided digitally.
  • Assessment/Challenge Assignments document what has been learned, connected to objectives.


Inventory Management Tools for Efficiency

Get organized, and never lose track of your stuff.SM

Knowing where your physical assets and supplies are at any given time is vital for most businesses, so we have incorporated our Stuff Track Platform into A to B Logic. With Stuff Track, you can identify every space where things are kept (warehouse, storage, vehicle, etc.) and even organize the places within them (shelves, racks, drawers, etc.) like libraries, then you can keep track of where you put stuff and maintain a running inventory.

A to B Logic Graphic: Warehouse Manager


We are proud to be a Woman-Owned and Veteran-Owned Business







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