Get organized, and never lose track of an item.SM

A to B Logic provides the power to find what you want whenever you need it and the tools to organize where you keep things.

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A to B Logic Graphic: Warehouse Manager

The A to B Logic Platform provides tracking across all areas, locations, vehicles, and handlers with the Master Track & Trace Code (MASTRAKODE™). It also helps organize your facility so items can easily be located, saving you time and money. Inventory control is made easy, and if you have service vehicles, A to B Logic gives your technicians insight into their vehicle's on-board supplies right at their fingertips. Learn more...

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Track & Trace

Easily find the Item you want when you need it.
The A to B Logic platform manages data supplied by our Apps, which are available for free on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Commercial Users

Personal Users


Inventory View

Quickly view the inventory at a Facility.
This is also available by location within a Facility or by Mobile Asset when the full functionality of A to B Logic is utilized.


Facility Organization

This is where the true power of the A to B Logic Platform lies.
The system will help you organize any size Facility into a library. A scan is made where an Item is placed, and then finding it when needed is quick and easy.


Self Storage & Moving Services

It takes a lot of effort to ensure that belongings can be tracked where they are stored, or from the time they're picked up to their safe delivery. We rely on strong collaboration with our friends in Self Storage & Moving Services to make keeping track of what's inside storage units and continuous tracking during moves possible for their non-commercial customers, in addition to the other ways they may utilize A to B Logic for their business.

We've created the Tub Track Platform for personal use. More details...

We compensate Self Storage & Moving Services companies with a 20% continuous referral fee for helping grow the Tub Track community.







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